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10 Tips For The Best Summer Camp Experience

Summer camp is one of the best times of the year. Getting away from your regular life, making new friends, enjoying adventures in nature, and developing your spiritual growth are just some of the reasons to look forward to camp. Make your stay at Crescent Lake Bible Camp the best summer ever with these 10 tips for a great summer camp experience.

1. Plan Ahead 

Don’t wait to pack until the night before camp starts. Make a list of what to bring to your Christian camp in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ahead of time. This way, you’re not rushing through any last-minute laundry or shopping trips.

2. Preview Activities 

Crescent Lake Bible Camp offers a vast array of fun activities and events for every camper. Learn what to expect for your camp session and age group on our website.

3. Don’t Be Shy 

You’ll meet many people on the first day of camp. Try not to be shy! Remember that everyone wants to make friends, whether they’ve been to Crescent Lake Bible Camp before or this is their first time at a WI Christian camp.

4. Make Friends By Asking Questions 

It’s easy to get to know people by asking questions. Let your fellow campers talk about themselves by asking about their pets, hobbies, sports, and more. Before you know it, you’ll be busy chatting with a new friend.

5. Bring A Buddy 

With activities, meals, chapel, and more, you’ll always have a busy day at Crescent Lake Bible Camp. Ask another camper to walk with you to your next event. You can partner up and sit together for meals, activities, and more. This is a great strategy to meet people and make sure no one feels lonely.

6. Get To Know Your Counselors 

Your fellow campers aren’t the only people at Crescent Lake Bible Camp. Camp counselors are involved in youth ministries from around the country, so they’re full of stories and experiences. Get to know your counselors to build even more relationships.

7. Keep Adding Friends 

You might make a close friend on the first day of camp, but don’t stop there. Camp friendships can last a lifetime, so take every opportunity to meet new people and develop more connections.

8. Try New Activities 

Crescent Lake Bible Camp; a Wisconsin Christian retreat center, gives campers many chances to try new activities. Push yourself to try everything, even the events that seem a little scary. From zip-lining and climbing to skiing and tubing, you can try a whole world of outdoor experiences.

9. Follow The Rules 

Camp rules are in place to protect the group experience. You can keep yourself and your new friends safe by following all rules and guidelines during your stay.

10. Get Contact Information 

You’ll be heading back home before you know it. Make sure to trade contact information with your new friends. You can stay in touch and build a stronger relationship while you wait for next summer at Crescent Lake Bible Camp.