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Everything You Need To Pack For Your Childs Sleep Away Camp

As a parent, we always want our kids to be prepared for anything that comes their way. Knowing your child is leaving for sleep away camp soon doesn’t have to be stressful for your family. Working from a packing list will ensure your child is perfectly prepared for any situation. Of all the Christian Camps in Wisconsin, Crescent Lake Bible Camp helps make sure packing your child’s sleep away camp is easy! As a WI Christian Conference Center, we have experience with all things children need while at our camps. The following list is designed to help assist with your packing needs.

  1. Toiletries: We recommend going over everything your child uses daily from start to finish when getting ready for the day. This will give you an essential start of everything that they’ll need. These toiletries include things like shampoobody washcombs, etc.
  1. Camp Essentials: Don’t forget to pack things specifically for camp, such as a sleeping bagsunscreen, and bug spray. Other things to remember include an umbrellawater bottlesunglasses, and a lightweight backpack.
  1. Clothing & Shoes: This seems like an obvious one, but it is vital to have enough clothes to choose from. Christian Camps in Wisconsin recommend packing basics based on the number of days your child will be away. It is recommended to have one t-shirt, one pair of socks, one pair of underwear, one pair of shorts, plus two extras for each day. Having reserves is a great way to be prepared for anything; in the event of rips, stains, or wet clothes, your child will always be prepared with backups.
  1. First Aid and Health Supplies: Children on daily medications should make sure they pack enough, plus extras of their necessary medications. It may be helpful to have a small basic first-aid kit, prepared with bandages, lip balm, or things that might come up while away at camp.
  1. Water Essentials: Multiple swimsuits are an absolute must! Flip-flops and adequate sunscreen are other essentials for when your child is around the water. Having extra trash bags to hold wet clothes is a great idea too. If your child has special water needs, like goggles, pack these too.
  1. Prepare for the Elements: It’s a great idea to have a rain jacket, rain ponchos, and other rainy weather gear. Going to a Christian Camp in Wisconsin means you should pack with Wisconsin weather at the top of your mind. Having a lightweight sweatshirt for chilly nights will always come in handy too. A good pair of sunglasses is one of the essential things to pack to protect your child’s eyes from the sun.
  1. Personal Objects: Carefully consider what personal items your child chooses to bring to sleep away camp. We don’t recommend getting anything of significant value, or that cannot be replaced. To combat homesickness, pack family photos or postcards for your child to keep in contact with you on all of the fun they will be having!

Packing for camp doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task when using our sleep-away camp packing list!