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How to Have a Totally Impressive Camp Instagram Feed

Facebook and Twitter are often the first social media platforms that spring to mind when Christian camps in Wisconsin think about using them to advertise themselves. That’s excellent news, too! But several Christian retreat centers wi often overlook Instagram! Show me a camp that Instagram isn’t a wonderful match for, despite the fact that it’s not for every company! Everything you need for effective social media marketing is there, including hashtags, photographs (which people prefer to text updates for), the option to tag others, like and comment, and the capacity to use tags!

Did you know that companies often experience 4% more interaction on Instagram than on their Facebook and Twitter pages all together? And that Instagram now outnumbers Twitter in terms of users?

One explanation is the growing appeal of Instagram, particularly among younger people like your campers. More than 90% of users are under 35. Instagram is the ideal medium for younger social media users to interact with since they prefer visual material over text-based information. On Instagram, more than 60 million photographs are posted each day. That’s a lot! This implies that communicating with your campers online requires you to be present since it’s more probable that they’re on Instagram.

Make a compelling bio

People who choose to follow your Christian camp wi will go to your profile to examine your bio and browse through your feed. A compelling bio might be the difference between someone following you and someone not following you. Although you only have 150 characters, bios are crucial.

Start begin with a succinct but detailed statement, such as, “We are a Christian camp.” Next, do something enjoyable. Emojis may be used to represent the personality of your camp. Next, include a CTA (call to action), such as “Click below to begin the greatest Christian camp of your life.”

Plan ahead!

Create a few broad topics for your entries, particularly in the beginning, to give your website structure and coherence. There are many different “themes” to pick from, such as arrival day, Christian conference center Wisconsin activities, “image of the day,” quotes that are camp-centered – post a picture of a location in your Christian retreat center Wisconsin and an inspirational quote, staff spotlight (for example, a picture of a staff member making a funny face, their name, and a fun fact about them), meals (you could do “meal mondays” and show off what’s cooking! ), camper spotlight, arrival day, and staff spotlight Your page will be more enjoyable to follow and may draw various types of interaction from a wide range of users if you have a diversity of postings.

Configure Instagram business

Use Instagram Business right now if you haven’t already. There’s no need to install any extra software; just go to your settings and choose “Switch to Business Profile.” The benefit of having Instagram Business is that it gives you access to a wealth of useful information. This information will be useful for determining which articles are successful and what you should continue doing or maybe adjust.

It will let you know what days and hours you should publish based on when your audience uses Instagram. Using this, you may reach your audience while they are using the app.

Additionally, you may add CTA buttons to your profiles, which is excellent for your website’s SEO. You may now put buttons on your profile if you are hosting an event or selling a product. The benefits of purchasing Instagram Business are many.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience comes next after developing your approach. Your Instagram audience will consist of campers, employees, and young alumni, as I already indicated. Create your Instagram schedule based on it. Posts should be targeted precisely to certain audiences, and participation is encouraged. Ideas for this may be as follows:

  • Campers
    • Share a group photo and encourage others to comment on the session and companions they will be attending this Christian camp.
    • Post a picture of a cabin and ask others which one they were in over the previous Christian camp.
  • Staff
    • Share memorable highlights from previous Christian camp with the workforce, such as a themed event during staff training or the annual dinner.
    • Inquire about their favourite night out from the previous Christian camp, etc.
  • Young Alumni
    • Emphasize them in TBTs from the previous 10 to 15 years. “Check out the Coroado Backpacking trip from 2006; can you recognise anybody you know?” is a good example. If so, please comment below.
    • Feature a well-liked employee from the past and do a brief Q&A with them in a video or picture with a caption.

Have a wonderful time!

This advice applies to whatever you do online for camp (and when you’re there, too!) Have fun with your marketing and online interaction because camp is enjoyable. It won’t be enjoyable for you if you try too hard, and it will come off as false and unauthentic.

Which photos are you planning to capture and upload? Snap those pictures! Decide what makes sense for your camp and your photoshoot, then follow it. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to stick to a schedule or think of “themes” for your postings. Most importantly, enjoy yourself and see what unfolds! Document everyday life or anything that touches you, and as long as it’s genuine, you’ll see that others like your images, leave comments on them, and interact with you.

Regular posting and commenting

It’s possible that prospective campers and their families are looking for a new camp. They are losing out on wonderful stuff you should be sharing that might persuade them to check you out, but they could also assume you don’t care about your camp if they see you don’t post much or engage on your page. Although it may seem humorous, this is a subconscious tendency. They get a sense of your enthusiasm, your vibe, and the experience you provide to campers when your Instagram page is full with images, videos, and amusing biographies of campers and staff.

Connecting with campers and future campers is another incentive to be active on social media! Write back if someone comments! Engage in conversation, enjoy yourself, and be yourself!