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How to Stay Unplugged After Camp

Summer is a special time of year, full of chances to unwind, connect, and grow. If your child spent time at a Wisconsin Christian retreat center like Crescent Lake Bible Camp, you’re probably still seeing the impacts of this enriching experience. Many families report that their children seem like different people when they come home from camp! However, autumn’s return to school and regular routines can make it hard to keep that unplugged mindset. Learn five ways to help your kids stay unplugged once summer camp is over for the year.

Be Mindful About Screen Time

Part of the beauty of Christian camps in Wisconsin is spending time away from technology. Phones, tablets, game systems, televisions, and other devices are hard to escape in our daily lives. However, escaping from technology during camp creates vivid physical experiences.

Help your children recreate this mindset with thoughtful rules about screen time. Banning devices outright might be tempting, but it’s not realistic for most families. Your children will resent this rule and dedicate themselves to working around it. Instead, focus on setting healthy boundaries. For example, consider allowing a set amount of screen time every day. You can also limit devices at the dinner table, in church, during school, after bedtime, and during other essential family rituals.

Make Connections In The Real World

Technology is endlessly entertaining, especially for kids who are already bored. Provide your children with fun options, so they don’t feel called to their devices all the time. Look for sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities that appeal to your child’s interests.

Playdates also offer valuable opportunities for socialization, enrichment, and fun. Connect with other parents to see when you can get the kids together. Consider your church friends, or reach out to other families from your WI Christian conference center experience.

Explore Nature

God’s natural creations are full of powerful experiences. Part of the fun of a WI Christian camp like Crescent Lake is spending time in nature. You can recreate this experience at home by exploring your outdoor scenery. Look for parks, botanic gardens, wildlife preserves, or head to the backyard. Your entire family will enjoy watching animals, plants, clouds, and more.

Read Regularly

Reading brings the WI Christian retreat center experience back home. Encourage your family to read every day. Young children love it when you read to them, and even older kids enjoy hearing a story from time to time. Visit your local library or bookstore as a family. Children are more likely to finish a book they chose for themselves, so encourage your child to make their own choices.

Set A Good Example

Finally, don’t overlook your role in this equation. Parents are lifelong teachers. Live the values that you hope to pass on to your children. It’s essential to spend time away from screens, in nature, and to grow spiritually as a family. However, your actions also set a valuable example. If your children see you make time to unplug independently, they’re more likely to follow this example as they grow.