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Summer camp opportunities in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. It was covered in glaciers thousands of years ago. They left a network of about 15,000 lakes, including Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, as they retreated. Because of Wisconsin’s unique topography, you’ll never be more than a few miles away from a beautiful place – which makes summer camps in Wisconsin one of the most incredible places to have an unforgettable experience.

Summer camps provide a variety of benefits to children. They combine love, fun, social skills, and leadership skills into one compact package. Wisconsin’s beautiful forests and sparkling lakes are a great addition to its famous summer camps.

Kawaga camp

Only boys can join the kawaga camp, located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Six to eighteen years old boys were invited to attend this type of peninsula camp experience. The camp has a long history of competitive play, have founded in 1915. One of the activities given by the Christian retreat center Wisconsin is the rookie camp, which introduces boys to the camp for the first time.

Children participate in various activities at camp Kawaga, including watersports, outdoor sports, and soft skills courses. Waterskiing is one of the camp’s primary interests, and they conduct a regatta and ski contest every summer. A weekend program for fathers and sons is also available at the camp. Provides an excellent opportunity for boys and dads to connect. Grandfathers are welcome to participate in the fun as well! They also provide a two-week rookie program for boys aged 7 to 10. Camp Kawaga is one of the best boy’s camps in the area for its fantastic adventure, wonderful full-potential character, and high-standard amenities.

Menominee Camp

Camp Menominee is an All-Boys Summer Camp near Eagle River, Wisconsin. Campers may explore 65 acres of land and over 600 acres of the lake area.  Wall climbing, archery, riflery, zip line, and other activities are available at Camp Menominee. Soccer, hockey, baseball, and basketball are just a few of the sports available to campers. All of the instructors they choose are professionals in the sport they are instructing, ensuring that campers get excellent coaching advice.

Campers may enjoy great water sports like canoeing, sailing, kayaking, and water skiing, to mention a few, thanks to the large lake area accessible to them. Christian conference center Wisconsin provides several camp sections, with the longest being an 8-week entire summer session and the smallest being a one-week family camp.

Woods Girls’ Camp

The Woodland Program near Eagle River is a girls-only camp for ages 6 to 17. In a vast 85-acre campground, the camp is famous for its beautiful sand lake beaches. Horseback riding and learning to ride in the English saddle are just a few of the enjoyable activities available at the camp.

The camp is mainly known for its gymnastics classes, a unique activity not given by many other camps. Arts, archery, shooting, sailing, swimming, tennis, and performance theatre are among the activities available at the camp. Off-school tutoring is one of camp Woodland’s unique features, which helps students retain and apply their schoolwork in a pleasant and engaging environment. Their boys’ camp, Towering Pines Camp, is one mile away and provides identical program choices. Boys may have their individual experience here, making family scheduling easier.

Highlands Camp

Camp Highlands for Boys, founded in 1904, is one of the oldest private camps for boys aged 8 to 16 in the United States. In the pure glory of northern Wisconsin, they provide an utterly non-plugged experience.

Basketball, canoeing, tennis, rifle, fishing, swimming, baseball, archery, football, orienteering, basketball, woodshop, boating, and other sports are available on the Highlands.

Camp Highlands is different from other camps in that it has almost 100% returning staff and a low Camper to Counsel ratio. They have three-week, four-week, and seven-week options available.

Swift Nature Camp in Wisconsin

Boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 16 are invited to the Swift Nature Camp, one of Wisconsin’s summer programs. The camp offers a beginner camper program, introducing overnight camping to children who have never been to one before.

The camp is surrounded by Wisconsin’s beautiful scenery, providing a fun-filled summer of meeting new friends, gaining independence, and making decisions. Swift nature camp lets students participate in their favorite activities while also providing plenty of field excursions and leisure time.

Camp Red Arrow

Red Arrow Camp is a traditional camp that accepts boys aged 7 to 16. It is one of Wisconsin’s best campers. Dedicated to assisting young campers in becoming better versions of themselves by developing confidence and leadership abilities while still having fun participating in outdoor activities.

One session lasts seven weeks, allowing campers to make lifetime connections and counselors the opportunity to get to know their campers. Technology is left behind in a magnificent outdoor setting on the banks of Trout Lake in Wisconsin’s Northwoods and a chance to develop and discover nature.

Nicolet Girls’ Camp

Camp Nicolet is a typical resident camp for girls near Eagle River, Wisconsin. Your girls will have a one-of-a-kind experience at camp, where they will participate in a variety of exciting activities, meet lifelong friends, and create lasting memories.

Volleyball, tennis, basketball, and soccer are some of the ground sports provided in the program. Other popular water activities at the camp include boating, swimming in Franklin Lake, paddle sports, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Girls who want to improve their water skiing and wakeboarding talents may attend a separate one-week competitive water skiing and wakeboarding program.

In addition, the camp has a comprehensive horse stable with fourteen friendly horses. On miles of well-kept trails, girls may enjoy riding cookouts, trail rides, and horseback riding lessons. Nicolet also offers theatrical arts, handicrafts, and a superb wilderness tripping program in addition to these enjoyable activities. For any hectic home schedule, Christian camps in Wisconsin offer 2,3,5,6, and 8-week session choices. The Christian camp Wisconsin has accredited the camp, which is family-owned and maintained.

Final Thoughts

Even though many camps vary in activities and leisure time, all the camps on our listserve the same goal: to nurture their children by giving them unique memories, experiences, and abilities.

Now that you’ve learned more about all of Wisconsin’s great summer camps, it’s time to make your choice and make the best choice for your needs. If Wisconsin isn’t your home state, use our free service to locate camps in your area. Summers in Wisconsin are warm and ideal for summer camping, although winter camping in specific tents is also possible.