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Traits of Great Camp Counselors

It’s difficult to choose just a few outstanding qualities that define a wonderful camp counselor, particularly because each one is a different personality who approaches the job in her manner. The words “fun,” “energetic,” or “bubbly” are often used to describe counselors, but in our opinion, a top-notch counselor should also have the attributes listed below.

Detail-oriented and highly aware

Detail-oriented strengths are a requirement. The counselors must monitor each camper’s requirements, who must ensure they are getting enough food and water, establishing friends, practicing good hygiene, and dressing in clean, dry clothing. They must ensure adequate materials for the activities, such as enough boats to fit all the campers and enough water balloons for water-balloon volleyball. To ensure every camper is present day and night, counselors keep an eye on sleeping rooms and do head counts.


Although it should go without saying, it bears repeating: The campers come first; camp counselors are secondary (Camp counselors at Christian conference center Wisconsin benefit greatly from experience in terms of personal growth and crucial job development milestones).

It is crucial to have this attitude when you first arrive at camp, and the greatest counselors keep it the whole time. However, self-care and balance go hand in hand with that. The finest counselors can manage their personal needs to best support their work. They know when to take breaks, when to go to bed early, and when to take a break. They are aware of the demands of selflessness and the need to take care of themselves to provide the greatest support possible for their campers.

Fun and vivacious

Effective camp counselors at Christian retreat centers wi are energetic and motivated. They could teach campers to engage in physically demanding outdoor activities, including swimming, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, and nature study. Camp counselors at Christian retreat center Wisconsin work hard to keep children engaged in recreational activities so they don’t feel lonely or bored.


Because of how unpredictable life is, unexpected things often occur. Camp counselors must adapt well to change, deal with obstacles, and roll with the flow. The ability to learn from apparent failures or to turn something that seems to be going wrong around is what distinguishes a superb person (or counselor) from others.

However, resilience is not only about worst-case events. It’s just the willingness to quickly adapt to a new strategy, try something new, or recover even more effectively than before. In the Christian camp wi setting, this may include receiving one activity assignment just to find out you are immediately required for another. Despite being personally disappointed by the new assignment, you accept it with a willing spirit.

Or maybe you get unfavorable news from the “outside world,” and although you are free to cope with it personally, you choose not to let it affect your ability to do your job obligations. Or maybe you’re trying to discover your position or identity at camp, and it doesn’t click right away. In any case, you keep going with a positive attitude and your best intentions.

Modeling good behavior

Simply said, campers observe everything you do and pick up new skills by mimicking how the significant people in their life carry out those tasks.

When you’re angry, do you scream and leave? You’ll teach the other campers how to handle irritation in that manner. Do you gossip about other people? The campers around will come to understand that’s okay. Do you avoid difficulties? You will teach the other campers how to approach problem-solving. Do you talk over others while they are speaking, avoid eye contact, and fail to pay attention? You will teach these communication techniques to the campers nearby.

On the other hand, do you calmly step away from whatever is upsetting you when you’re angry by taking a deep breath? Do you continue to treat people with respect and ignore or stop rumors? Do you take a proactive, head-on approach to problems, considering all your options to find the best solution? When someone is speaking to you, do you pause what you’re doing, look them in the eye, nod, and then inquire?

While serving as a camp counselor, these circumstances may occur regularly. As the children look up to them, camp counselors have the authority to decide how to behave appropriately in any circumstance.

Strategic and self-driven

Problem-solvers make competent camp counselors. They adhere to routines and maintain order, yet they are prepared to alter their plans at any time. For instance, a counselor must be prepared to start indoor activities if swimming and canoeing are canceled. If it’s too hot to make a bonfire, you can also decide to order a pizza right away rather than roasting hot dogs. When plans change, camp counselors are adaptable and don’t panic.


In my opinion, the simplest definition of initiative is “doing something before someone asks you to.” This is a tremendous benefit for a successful counselor who is laser-focused. The finest counselors take the initiative in all elements of their work and don’t wait to be instructed, requested, or reminded to do their duties.

It also involves taking charge of smaller tasks like assisting others in need when you see them, cleaning up stray items that need to be cleaned up or put back, and acting as a real stakeholder in the success of the whole camp rather than just your job.

Kind, wise, and motivating

Good communicators make very effective camp counselors. With consideration and compassion, they connect with campers and affirm, encourage, and support them. They demonstrate to campers that they have their best interests in mind by being hospitable, courteous, and pleasant. Never will a camp counselor shout at a camper, command them to do anything, insist that they do a job, or penalize them out of resentment or irritation. As a counselor, you must provide campers with polite, respectful listening and communication.


To use your creativity, you don’t have to be an artist. More “thinking outside the box” is required. The most innovative counselors come up with fresh and original approaches to a task, a problem, a spare moment, a meal, etc. They liven up the situation, make things lively and intriguing, and keep the campers on their toes.

Just because there is a timetable doesn’t mean that a camp day has to be the same every day. Consistency is the fundamental foundation, but originality and creative variances provide some flavor and play to everything from a day to dinner to the whole summer. While always upholding the Christian camps in Wisconsin traditions and principles, inventive counselors find ways to change things up.!