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What To Send In A Summer Camp Care Package

If your kids are heading off to a Christian Camp WI this summer, chances are, you will want to send them a care package. Care packages are the perfect small reminder that you miss and love your kids while sending along with a few comforts from home. But, what exactly should you send in a care package? Let’s find out!
Pet Selfies

Your kids likely really miss the comfort of Fido or Ms. Kitty while they are away for the summer. Send some pet selfies for a funny and heartwarming touch.

Small Games/Toys

Though your child’s schedule is likely jam-packed at camp, sending along with some small games or toys for them to enjoy during downtime is a great idea. These games mainly come in handy should their activities get rained out or they have a quiet evening in. Plus, their bunkmates will be extra thankful for the fun!
Magazines and Comic Books

Send your camper some fun reading material that they can enjoy and share with their bunkmates during quiet time. Arts and craft magazines are a great idea to stoke inspiration if they participate in arts and crafts at camp.


Who doesn’t love receiving money? Of course, don’t spend too much— $10-$20 should do. This way, your little one can get an extra ice cream sandwich or a small souvenir from the snack shack.
Extra Supplies

Whether your camper forgot their sunscreen (let’s hope not!) or they are running low on bug spray, a care package is an excellent time to make sure they’ve got what they need. Ask them what they need— from toothpaste to a skimpy swimsuit, and send it in their care package. As any parent knows, sunblock, hats, towels, and sunglasses all seem to get lost at camp, so send some extras along in a care package to make sure your little camper has everything they need. A personal first aid kit is an excellent idea for any scrapes, cuts, or blisters from their time in nature. Don’t forget Bandaids and anything else that they usually come running to mom for.

Love Notes

During their time away, your kids are bound to miss you (not as much as you miss them!); send them some sweet words of affirmation to know you are thinking about them and love them. This will help on those long nights where they are homesick. Have their siblings write a few love note cards too, and maybe even throw in some fun activities the family plans on doing when the camper returns home— it’s always good to have something to look forward to!

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